Tactical Medicine

The tactical medicine training curriculum is currently under development.  As we have learned from combat casualty from conflicts ranging from the Great War to the streets of Baghdad, there are 3 possible outcomes if you are wounded in battle.  You may suffer an injury that is fatal and no intervention can change the outcome.  You can suffer an injury that is minor- in other words you are going to survive irrespective of whether further intervention or care is delivered.  Then there is the third group, an injury that can be fatal, but survivable if some treatment is rendered.  That is what our training will focus upon.  Our training is based on the most recent lessons from the battlefields and the Tactical Combat Casualty Care Courses and the TCCC guidelines adapted for civilian use.

There are 3 injuries that form the basis of our curriculum.  The first is uncontrolled bleeding from an extremity.  Conventional medicine frowns upon the use of tourniquets, however in a tactical setting, they can be life saving.  The second is sucking chest wound and tension pneumothoraxes.   Finally, there is airway management.  We will teach you 3 simple skills to care for these life threatening conditions and much, much more.

During your Tier 4 training, you learn vital gun handling skills such as emergency/empty gun reloads, quickly clearing malfunctions and one handed shooting.  We will now teach these life saving skills integrated into our Tier 4 combative firearms training.