Alex Gbur has the honor of being the first certified woman instructor for Pulse O2DA. From an early age her parents instilled in her the importance of integrity and leadership. Her father’s military experience ensured mandatory firearm knowledge and safety. This upbringing paved the way for her to pursue many leadership positions throughout her career.

Finding leadership roles in athletics lead Alex to play and coach volleyball at the club, high school and collegiate level. Coaching at various levels has taught her the importance of being an intelligent, reliable instructor and mentor, especially to young women. She continued her education at the University of Toledo, where she received a BA in Psychology and a BS in Biology.

Alex is a member of the NRA and is a certified NRA instructor.  She has taught basic hand gun skills and CCW classes since January of 2013. Alex recognized the need for practical, real world firearm training and became a CFI in October 2016. Her goal is to encourage and empower women to learn life-saving skills to defend themselves and their families.

Alex offers private instruction by appointment.  This training is ideal for women with little or no firearms experience up to an avid shooter that wants to fine tune their skills.  These one on one sessions can be tailored to the individual students needs.   She also can teach firearm safety and handgun skills to children.  She recently taught a ten year old DSI’s MOD 1 Handgun BASICS class, our youngest student to date.  He is now working on 3 gun training and hopes to be a future Olympic Gold Medalist.  She also offers “couples” classes.  Private instruction is $45.00 per hour and couples are $70 per hour.  To schedule training, purchase either the individual or couples training below and email Alex to schedule training times.

Private Lesson Options