WHAT IS A PRIVATE DEFENSE NETWORK? Private Defense Networks (PDNs) are various combinations of individuals, businesses, schools, churches and communities who collaborate to defend against violent threats. PDNs are a core element of our training philosophy.

Individuals are the fundamental building blocks of Private Defense Networks. A fully developed private defense network integrates individuals, businesses, schools and churches, community-wide.


We are actively planning PDN’s in the Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan area.  Private Defense Networks (PDN’s) are turnkey on-site training packages for small communities including range development, training and management.

THE PROBLEM WE SOLVE: Current threats are rapidly and unpredictably evolving, driven by polarization between religions, lifestyles, races and economic systems. This accelerating polarization is setting the stage for unprecedented violence and upheaval, weakening the rule of law and civil conduct.

The government institutions that we have come to depend upon for security and civility will not provide the level of security and civility that we depended upon in the past, nor are they suited to provide security from decentralized threats.

Home invasions, attacks on business, urban mobs, attacks on public facilities, political rally violence, active shooters in schools are just some of the daily threats faced by individuals that cannot be defended by a centralized response. (nor by individuals)

THE SOLUTION: The solution is to develop decentralized security capabilities encompassing the strategy, tactics and techniques necessary for private citizens to defend against violent threats to life, business, school, church,and community.

This is accomplished by building private defense networks consisting of self-reliant individuals and utilizing private enterprises and organizations as primary networking nodes.

This process utilizes a grassroots, bottom-up training process to build distributed defense competencies. Individuals are the fundamental building blocks of Private Defense Networks.

THE OPPORTUNITY:  Distributed Securities, Inc, the parent company of the Pulse O2DA Defense Academy, is currently seeking like minded individuals to invest in their security to help develop their own Private Defense Networks to defend themselves, their families, friends, communities, businesses and churches.  If you are interested in further information to invest in your security, please contact us.  Questions and request for additional information can be be directed to strategist@pulsefirearmstraining.com.