1. SWAG + Manuals. Sent out a box on Saturday. You’re getting 2 polos @ $60 ea, 2 caps @ $15 ea, 6 patches and manuals – 5 – Handgun Basics sets ($30 ea set) and 2 – complete sets ($60 ea set) + $27 for shipping. Total $447 which I’ll invoice via Paypal.
(Manuals are priced to give you a 100% mark-up over our promo prices. Start with these then let’s put in a larger order that I’ll ship direct to you from the publisher. The shipping on manuals is killer so better to drop ship.)
2. Training Group. Login to the DA and check your invites. There should be an invite for you to join the Pulse Ohio Training Group. Accept the invite then you can start building it out.
3. Links. Two plans have been created for you. The first is the 30 day free membership for your students, the second is the $12.95 month upgrade for them to join after the 30 days is done. Here are the links:
$12.95 monthly
Free 30 day
4. Merchandising Materials. You had requested several things like ATP starter kits, etc. Instead of us selling these to you I’d suggest producing them yourselves. Especially if your daughter has marketing chops. You can grab the samples we have on the web site, then customize them with your logos and branding, then have them printed at Staples. Much cheaper and quicker than us doing it here.
5. Business cards. See attached – it’s set-up for Staples to print. The UofM watermark stays.