Combative Handgun: Mod 3

Module-3 – Handgun SKILL MASTERY: This shooting intensive course begins with the testing of important basics learned in modules 1 and 2. We will introduce to you more reloading options, teach you how to shoot with one hand only, learn what to do when your adversary isn’t reacting the way you want him to, learn how to shoot from the weapons retention position, learn one handed immediate action drills, we will continue to sharpening your ability to shoot quickly and accurately at practical combat distances now under reduced lights/no lights – utilizing a tactical light when needed, moving to cover laterally, diagonally, as well as attacking to the rear, and from different firing positions. At the end of this course you will have learned almost all of the basic gun-handling techniques needed to protect yourself in a lethal force environment.

This course, like it’s predecessors, is wrapped in a 4-hour shooting intensive dry-practice and live-firing drill training session and backed by all of the support videos, manuals, etc., found in the Pulse O2DA Defense Academy.