Combative firearms training is a life long, dynamic adventure.  This training has been designed to prepare you to protect and defend yourself, your loved ones and your property.   This training program is not a “CCW” course.  Far to many people take a basic CCW class or NRA class and feel that they are in a position to use a deadly force with a gun if threatened with with bodily harm or death.  There is nothing farther from from the truth.  Our courses are designed to train and prepare you to meet and defeat these threats.  You need to realize and remember that this training is much more than a few 4 hour course on the range.  In order to be successful, you need to training continuously.   That is why our training is simply the best training available.

Most people will take an introductory courses that offers little real training beyond static shooting and marksmanship training.  This is understandable, because in most circumstances, the states will determine what is to be taught during these CCW classes.  Unfortunately, that training is all that is really available to most people.  In the past, you needed to travel long distances to obtain any advanced training

After taking this these introductory training classes, most new gun owners do not have the skills or confidence needed to use their weapons effectively. In fact, most will take their weapon home and put it away – somewhere safe, where nobody can access it should they actually need it. Within a few weeks whatever basic skills they were taught they forget, increasing their fear of the weapon they bought – supposedly to reduce their fear.


We start by teaching and building basic skills and progressing along a training ladder.  Initially it is individual skills, but as you progress we expand into individual tactics, small group tactics and finally unit tactics.  In order to be successful, you need to prepare and be dedicated.  You need to take advantage of all of the resources that we provide including our web based training resources, books and training classes. So lets get started.  I would invite you to explore our online training academy with a complementary 7 day trial to the Pulse O2DA Defense Academy. Order the training books and start the 5 day and 12 month training plans listed below.  Then sign up for one of our courses.  If you don’t have your CCW, then contact our friends at Toledo Tactical and sign up for one now.

1. 5-Day-Kick Start Plan  The purpose of the 5-day kick-start training plan is to accelerate your learning process by providing you with a programmed mix of readings, viewings, and activities designed to familiarize you with your weapon AND the realities of a lethal force confrontation. When you complete the 5-Day online course take the test and earn your civilian patch. The “5-Day” can be completed in one day if you really want to work at or you can take as long as you like. Five consecutive days is our recommended timing.

2. 12-Month Training Plan  The Pulse O2DA 12-Month Training Plan has been developed to turn men and women with no prior firearms training into competent defenders of their life and community, and assists veteran firearms owners in honing their warriors edge to a razor sharp finish. The 12-Month Training Plan integrates handgun, shotgun, and rifle training with individual maneuver and both small team and unit tactics. The 12-Month Training Plan represents our base training plan template and can be accessed on line via desktop, tablet and smartphone. The plan can also be downloaded via PDF and printed out.

3. Interactive Training Plan  Our most important resource is our interactive training plan (ITP). With our ITP you can monitor your training progress, create customized training plans and modify or create your own training stages and tasks. Both the 5-Day and 12-Month plans are static, in that the plans are rigid and you cannot change the activities or monitor your performance. The Interactive Training Plan comes pre-leaded and installed with all of the stages and tasks in the 12-Month Plan. The user can then modify these as needed including adding or deleting stages and tasks based upon their personal training objectives. ALL O2DA Defense Academy MEMBERSHIPS INCLUDE THE ITP BUT YOU MUST REQUEST THAT WE INSTALL IT FOR YOU. This is how to access and utilize your plan:

  1. Email us at requesting that we set-up your ITP. Make sure to include the email address and user name on your O2DA Defense Academy membership.
  2. Once your plan is installed (usually within a few hours) go ahead and explore the functionality. Click on the plan title, then on “Tasks” or “Stages”. The ITP has 12 stages and many tasks supporting each stage.
  3. Each “Task” has a start and end date attached to it. We have set-up the template plan with each stage taking 30 days and each task taking 7 days which allows you to complete the plan in one year. You can change these dates to suit your schedule and training objectives.
  4. You can add your own tasks or stages by simply clicking “Add Task” or “Add Stage”.
  5. You can delete stages and task by simply “Deleting” the stage or task.