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Chuck is an interventional cardiologist in Toledo, Ohio. He is board certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology and Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine. He served as a medical officer in the United States Navy. During most of his 25 year military career he served with the Fleet Marine Force. He held numerous positions including Battalion Surgeon, Marine Rear Area Operation Group Surgeon, Regimental Surgeon, and Advisor to The Medical Officer of the Marine Corps at HQMC. He also was the company commander of a Marine Corps Surgical Company. He was a graduate and an instructor in the Combat Causality Care Course (C4) as well as the advanced Combat Casualty Care Course. He was a graduate of the Naval War College and Joint Forces Staff College as well as numerous other classes and course.

He published several papers and developed training doctrine and policies for medical care in military operations in urban terrain. Chuck was active in tactical medicine training of Marines and Corpsman who were deploying in support of numerous combat missions over the last twenty years.

He has been an avid shooter since he was a child. He is an NRA instructor and Range Safety Officer. He has been teaching NRA pistol classes and Ohio and Michigan concealed carry classes for the last five years. He is a strong believer in cross training. In addition to being a CFI, he is a PADI and SSI diving instructor and teaches recreational and technical diving. Chuck, AC8VS, is also a licensed amateur radio operator interested in low power, portable operations.



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Alex Gbur is the oldest of five siblings and has practiced self-sufficiency since she was a toddler. From an early age her parents instilled in her the importance of integrity and leadership. Her father’s military experience ensured mandatory firearm knowledge and safety. This upbringing paved the way for her to pursue many leadership positions throughout her career.

Finding leadership roles in athletics lead Alex to play and coach volleyball at the club, high school and collegiate level. Coaching at various levels has taught her the importance of being an intelligent, reliable instructor and mentor, especially to young women. She continued her education at the University of Toledo, where she received a BA in Psychology and a BS in Biology.

Alex is a member of the NRA and is a certified NRA instructor. She has taught basic hand gun skills and CCW classes since January of 2013.  Alex recognized the need for practical, real world firearm training and became a CFI in October 2016. Her goal is to encourage and empower women to learn life-saving skills to defend themselves and their families.



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Carolyn Gbur is a practicing cardiologist in Toledo Ohio.  She is a wife and mother of five children.  Carolyn is an NRA member and NRA instructor and has been teaching people basic hand gun skills and CCW classes for many years. She became a CFI in 2016 after recognizing the need to provide firearm training, which has not been available in the Toledo area.

Her objective is to provide critical skills to people with a special interest in training women to be able to defend themselves from real threats that we all can face. Carolyn has taught her children these skills and believes that everyone should have the opportunity to have access to training that can save your life or more importantly the lives of your family.  As a physician she has seen many different disease processes affect people and limit their physical ability to defend themselves. It becomes increasingly more important for all people to maintain and protect their independence and safety.

In addition to CFI training, Carolyn is also active instructing recreational scuba diving through both PADI and SSI agencies. She had been involved with teaching medical student, residents and cardiology fellows as well as patients for over 20 years.

Becoming a CFI has is a natural extension to allow her to continue her passion for teaching new valuable skills and knowledge to more people.



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Shelly began practicing and studying self-defense after having been brutally attacked in her apartment in Houston, Texas in 1986.  After several years of studying with various police departments, and independent self-defense instructors, Shelly moved to Toledo, Ohio and began practicing martial arts under the direction of Sensei Joseph Hurtsellers. In 1998, she became a martial arts instructor, specializing in child safety and women’s self-defense.  She also traveled several times per year to study and practice under various instructors throughout the country.  Shelly uses the knowledge that she has gained, to teach men and women of all ages not only how to defend themselves in particular situations, but she also teaches people how to avoid being a victim.

Her style of teaching is practical, straightforward, and designed to be fun. Shelly believes that fear is not the key to staying safe; instead she teaches skills sprinkled with humor and a cautious optimism. Her belief is that through the correct mixture of attitude and technique, anyone can learn how to keep themselves and their families safe.

Sempai Blanco has taught many self-defense clinics for a variety of groups, organizations, clubs and companies – The United Auto Workers, NFO,  Holland Free Methodist Church, Reynolds Rd. Animal Hospital, The Girl Scouts of America, Bethany House, Toledo Clinic, Curves for Women, The Andersons,  Toledo Realtor Association, Notre Dame Academy, and many others. Additionally, she has taught children’s “STRANGER DANGER” seminars, not only independently, but for local businesses and schools including Holland Elementary and Springfield High School. She has been featured several times on WTOL’s “AM Saturday” in addition to various news events to help the public understand that they can learn how to effectively defend themselves and their families.