CCW Training

Pulse Ohio Defense Academy offers CCW training that is recognized in both Ohio and Michigan.  Our training is unique and unlike any other CCW courses offered in the state.  We provide all of the training required by Ohio and Michigan.  In addition, our course includes  Bleeding Control or B-CON training.  The class is designed around Distributed Security, Inc’s (DSI) Combative Firearm training and provides a basic foundation in combative shooting.  Also, although this class will allow you to apply and obtain your CCW, it in no way will make you proficient or provide all of the skills that you need.

Our class is unique in several ways.  First, we have a required online portion that will fulfill the 6 hour classroom requirement.  It covers gun safety and gun handling, legal considerations, tactical medicine and much more.  In addition, you will have access to our Defense Academy and our encouraged to take any of the on-line training courses that you are interested in.  We also give you access to out training manuals.  The on-range portion consist of 5 hours of training and includes our Tier 4, Mod 1 class.  Two hours will be devoted to dry practice drills followed by 3 hours of live fire training.  Our classes are limited in size to 6 students with 2 and often more instructors.

In order to take our CCW class you will be required to have the following “gear”.  Should you not have something, contact your instructor and we can make arrangements to rent you any missing items.  If you need to purchase items, such as a holster, please talk to your instructor first.  Our Mod 2-4 classes require a light, and it is helpful to purchase the correct gear the first time.

  • CC Training Notebook
  • Firearm
  • Holster
  • Magazines (a minimum of 3)
  • Magazine holster
  • Ear and eye protection

While you will be learning state of the art stress resistant skills and tactics in this class, regardless of how good this or any other course is, the fact of the matter is that there is no 8 hour training event held anywhere in the world by any instructor that will make a difference in your life if you are not deliberately practicing what you learn at your course.  This course is designed to be supplemented by our online learning system, DSI’s Defense Academy, DSI’s printed manuals and our entire training system.  We hope that you continue our training by enrolling in our Tier 4, Modules 2-4 Combative Firearms courses.  Please download our CCW Training Notebook, read through and develop your own personal training plan.

I can’t stress enough that if you are NOT using these skills you WILL lose them. I strongly encourage you to use DSI’s Defense Academy for your post course training after you leave us here this afternoon. 

If you have not been using the Defense Academy you really need to, as it will help you master this material more quickly than you ever believed possible, with the least amount of stress, and the maximum fun.

Fee: $185.00