Now that the election is over…

CFI_Pulse_Logo_BlackIt has been less than one week since the presidential election.  I am sure most of us looked forward to returning to somewhat normal times.  However, it has become apparent that our country remains extremely polarized on almost every front; from politics, race, social class, sexual orientation, religion or almost any other imaginable idea that humans may have.   We experienced numerous destructive riots and protest throughout the summer and now we witness nightly protest across the country on the outcome of the election.  We remain a deeply divided country.  We continue to face numerous threats from local petty criminals, the potential of terrorism or incite violence fueled by the anger which is almost palpable on both sides of every argument, stance or position.

I have witnessed this on social media on a daily basis.  If you submit an opinion that someone doesn’t agree with, it doesn’t result in a civil debate or exchange of ideas, but rather physical threats and ugly verbal attacks.  Civility is gone.  I do not see this improving anytime soon.  I also think as a nation that we are very vulnerable and have reached or very close to reaching a dangerous tipping point.  We are at that flash point that can be ignited by the slightest ripple.  Another police shooting,  justified or not, a stock market bubble, a host of man made or natural disasters or any thing that creates a “newsworthy” story the the media can fan the flames of hate and fear with.  Get a gun, get trained.  If your calling 911, it is already too late.

One another note, I am happy to announce that Pulse Ohio has the first two female CFI’s.  Congratulations to Dr. Carolyn Gbur and Alexandria Gbur on completing their Tier 4 CFI certification.   We hope to be able to offer the Mod 1-4 Combative Pistol classes very soon her in Toledo.  I am also working on the development of a Tactical Medicine module that we will be offering soon.  We already have plans to introduce some basic skills into the combative firearms training very soon. I am also recruiting qualified individuals who may be interested in becoming a CFI.  If you have the interest, shoot me an email.


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